Meet the team

Birch Vets Wirral

Meet the animal lovers who will be giving your pets the best care possible


Phil Shepherd Practice Partner Birch Vets

Phil Shepherd, Practice Partner

Phil has a wide range of interests, including medicine and orthopaedics. Bulldogs seem a favourite. He has a beautiful cat called Esme and a border collie, Bradley.

Archie Kendall, Practice Partner Birch Vets

Archie Kendall, Practice Partner

Archie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 1987 and gained a GP Certificate in Small Animal Medicine in 2006.

Birch Vets Oxton
21 Birch Road, Oxton

Monday-Friday, 9am - 6.30pm
Saturday: 9am-11am)
Sunday: 10am for emergencies

Call us on 0151 652 3284 (24hr number)

Birch Vets Moreton
46 Upton Road, Moreton

Monday-Friday, 9am - 10am
Saturday: 10am-11am

Call us on 0151 677 6872

Birch Vets Thingwall
527 Pensby Road, Thingwall

Monday-Friday, 9am - 10am, 4pm-5pm

Call us on 0151 648 8488

Alex Brady, Senior Vet, Birch Vets

Alex Brady
Senior Vet

Sarah Moulder  Birch Vets Wirral

Sarah Moulder BVSc MRCVS
Vet, clinical development manager

Sarah joined us following an internship at Bristol, and is studying for a certificate in surgery. She has a black labrador, Django, and a horse, Ronnie

Birch Vets Wirral Oxton Hannah Wilson vet

Hannah Wilson

Hannah worked in Yorkshire before developing her skills further in Australia.

Bruce Marsden, locum vet, Birch Vets

Bruce Marsden, BVSc MRCVS
Locum vet

Emily Dutton, Visiting Cardiologist, Birch Vets

Emily Dutton
Visiting Cardiologist
Cheshire Cardiology

Nursing staff

Viv Smith, Head Nurse, Birch Vets

Head Nurse

Viv loves siamese cats and tortoises.

Val Joughin RVN, Birch Vets

Senior nurse

Val joined the practice in 1998 and has a certificate in veterinary dentistry. Val is also a fantastic dog trainer and baker!

Leanne Ellis, staff nurse, Birch Vets Wirral

Leanne Ellis RVN BVNA CSQP
Staff nurse

Leanne has recently become a qualified RVN after training here at Birch.

Jo Moore, staff nurse, Birch Vets

Jo Moore RVN
Staff nurse

Lyndsey Harrington, staff nurse, Birch Vets

Lyndsey Harrington
Staff nurse

Lyndsey joined us in 2000 and has three children and two rabbits who keep her very busy in her spare time!

Jemima Riley, staff nurse, Birch Vets Wirral

Jemima Riley
Trainee nurse

Outside of work, trainee nurse Jemima does a lot of sailing!

Darianne Stevenson, auxiliary nurse, Birch Vets

Darianne Stevenson
Trainee nurse

Darianne is a 2nd year trainee nurse and has been with us since summer 2015.

Joanne Davies, Jo Davies, staff nurse, Birch Vets

Joanne Davies
Auxillary nurse

Admin staff

Anna Meenagh, Practice Manager, Birch Vets

Anna Meenagh
Practice Manager

Dorothea Jones, Dot Jones, receptionist, Birch Vets

Dorothea Jones

Helen Stansfield, receptionist, Birch Vets

Helen Stansfield