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Animal galleries

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Birch Vets Oxton
21 Birch Road, Oxton

Monday-Friday, 9am - 6.30pm
Saturday: 9am-11am)
Sunday: 10am for emergencies

Call us on 0151 652 3284 (24hr number)

Birch Vets Moreton
46 Upton Road, Moreton

Monday-Friday, 9am - 10am
Saturday: 10am-11am

Call us on 0151 677 6872

Birch Vets Thingwall
527 Pensby Road, Thingwall

Monday-Friday, 9am - 10am, 4pm-5pm

Call us on 0151 648 8488

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 9am-6.30
Saturday: 9am-11am (until 4pm for urgent cases)
Sunday: 11am for urgent cases

Moreton (drop-in clinic)
Monday - Friday: 9am-10am, 4.30pm-6pm
Saturday: 10am-11am

Thingwall (by appointment)
Monday - Friday: 9am-10am, 4pm-5pm
For appointments and in emergencies ring 0151 652 3284 (24hr)